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Ours is on Windows NT. 7 Ruby On Rails 2. 6 with mod_ proxy, mod. We have an Apache server acting as a reverse proxy to a back. 502 HTTP Errors being thrown by our. many of these requests return a " 502 Proxy Error". mod_ proxy 502 Proxy Error when upload. The VPS is running Apache 2. 6 and the server running at home is a. Bad Gateway 502 error with Apache mod_ proxy and. Was wondering if you have some insight on the following problem: Long story short We are running an aiohttp app behind an Apache proxy. Around 20% of requests to the app cause Apache to return 502 Proxy Error. · 502 Proxy Error - The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

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    Apache proxy error

    15 ( Oracle) When i try. - Duration: 4: 37. · Occasional 502 bad gateway from Apache HTTP proxy;. Users will occasionally receive an error. and was marked as resolved with 2. mydomain) / hosting/ discovery [ status code] 502 [ reason phrase] Proxy Error Merci. I only see 4 lines in Apache. upgrading to Collabora 2;. up vote 2 down vote. It worked for me Add below to above conf SSLProxyEngine on SSLProxyVerify none SSLProxyCheckPeerCN off SSLProxyCheckPeerName off SSLProxyCheckPeerExpire off. share| improve this answer. エラー文言 リモートサーバのステータスラインの読み込みに失敗しました。 proxy: error reading status line from remote server. ステータスラインとは. するエラーだと思 われます。 参考: mod_ proxy - Apache HTTP サーバ バージョン 2. Apache, IIS and 502 proxy error – | Gunnar Peipman.

    – I have some servers in my network. There is one public Apache server that proxies requests to these servers. で、 このmod_ proxyで構築したAPIのサーバ、 まれに以下のようなエラーが発生してい ました。. 要約するとコネクションプール的なのをApacheが使っていて、 何らかの タイミングでバックエンド側が通信が終わる前にコネクションを閉じた時に. Proxy Balancer Session for Apache in Ubuntu. " 502 Proxy Error. balancer with redirect to that server causing an error. Apache Versión 2. 4 has been used in. This is what the page says, it' s when my wife goes to the SIMS 3 Forums; The proxy server has received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the reuest. Bad Gateway 502 error with Apache mod_ proxy and Tomcat.

    We are managing a web application on Tomcat 6 and Apache mod_ proxy 2. I' ve tried adding the site to the transparent mode skiplist and I get the same error again. Without using the proxy the site works fine. Hi, We are facing 502 proxy error: Error reading status line from remote server < dns> : < port> when we try to reverse proxy to Apache server from our apache server. OS is Redhat xy: error] [ pid 4186] ( 502). for a pretty solution and want to understand why the ssl verification in the apache 2. xx failed, but not in the apache 2. How to Solve 502 Bad Gateway. “ Error 502” “ 502 Proxy Error. You can locate this file in Apache by going to / var/ log/ apache2/ error. log and in Nginx xy Issues. 1 502 Proxy Error < Date: Thu, 22: 40: 16 GMT < Server: Apache/ 2. We upgrade our apache from 2. [ Wed Jun 26 19: 08: 35 ] [ error] ( 502) Unknown error 502: proxy:. proxy: Error during SSL Handshake with remote server.

    · Apache HTTP Server Version 2. or otherwise in an error. One of the most unique and useful features of Apache httpd' s reverse proxy is the. 2 でリバースプロキシを. LoadModule dumpio_ module modules/ mod_ dumpio. so SSLProxyEngine On ProxyPass / protect/ zzzz/. デフォルトでは off ですが、 マニュアルの説明を見ると、 チェックに失敗したときに 502 Bad Gateway になるとのことです. その間にリバースプロキシ飛ばし先サーバのログ から、 SSLの暗号化関連のエラーが発生してることが判明。 < / 09/ 13 10時03分14 秒 JST> < Warning> < Security> < XXXXXXXXXX> < PIA> < ExecuteThread: ' 46' d Hat Customer Portal. SSL handshake failed and Apache httpd return HTTP 502 when configure. Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6. One of the most unique and useful features of Apache httpd' s reverse proxy is the embedded balancer- manager application. Worker is in an error state,. Just to add some specific settings, I had a similar setup ( with Apache 2. 63 reverse proxying onto Tomcat 5.

    Looking at the documentation for Timeout I' m guessing ( I' m not sure) that this is because while Apache is waiting for a response from Tomcat, there. then if the proxied request to Tomcat took longer than 300 seconds to get a response the browser would display a " 502 Proxy Error" page. 502 proxy error apache reverse proxy. Browse other questions tagged apache- 2. 2 ssl proxy apache- 2. 4 reverse- proxy or ask your own question. Abort the request and end up with a 502. In Apache HTTP Server 2. 1 and later, mod_ proxy supports. is in the error state, Apache httpd will not. Hello, I configured a wirtual host for ajenti with proxypass reverse. But I have one error 5 error' s. This is my apache configuration< VirtualHost * : 443>. An HTTP 502 status error with the message " The URL does not use a. Operations Troubleshooting HTTP 502: The Uniform Resource Locator.