Form validation javascript error message shows and disappears quickly

This issue has already. Calculates correctly and echos either the success or failure of the update,. Here is a FIDDLE to show you the minimum you need for the form itself. You don' t need to put any method, or action on the form. Change < td> < input type= " submit" value= " register" onclick= " allvalidate( ) " / > < / td>. To: < td> < input type= " submit" value= " register" onclick= " return allvalidate( ) " / > < / td>. Otherwise the boolean value is discarded. You also need to. All error messages disappear when value is entered on one textbox. From the documentation for. The new map of messages does not retain the previous messages after new validation is completed. If one field is validated,.

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    Disappears validation quickly

    guestlist- form" ). validate( { ignoreTitle: true, errorClass: " error- class", validClass : " valid- class", rules: { emailaddress: { required: true, email: " Please enter your correct email address. " } }, / * errorPlacement: function( error. Your function validateForm sets the error message but then you call validateRadioButton( ) which sets again errorSpan. You are validating the form, but you need to return false if validation fails on submit event. Submit buttons only need a name if there are two or more on a form and you want to know which one was used to submit the form. There is an error in your code, it' s missing a closing double qoute: function myFunction( ) { var. But error disappear fast. I want the error message to stay visible on focus out until validation succeed. < input class= " form- control validate[ required, custom[ number] ] text- input" value= " 0" type= " text" id= " eRoomFrom" / > < input. jQuery Ajax error handling, show custom exception messages.

    focusin( ) function. What you have to do is just give common class to each < i class= " form- group_ _ bar error- red address" > < / i>. like if your common class for each < i class= " form- group_ _ bar error- red address" > < / i>. In your Custom CSS add the following: span. wpcf7- not- valid- tip { display: block! important; opacity: 1! This will stop hiding and fading the messages.