Rsync ignore error code 24

際、 まれに、 file has vanished, some files vanished before they could be transferred ( code 24) のエラーが出ます。. When rsync is first processing the explicitly requested source files ( e. command - line arguments or - - files- from entries), it is normally an error if the file cannot be found. previous errors) ( code 23) at main. c( 1183) [ sender= 3. 0] % rsync - - ignore- missing- args bogusfile dest # < no error>. foreigner Dec 24 ' 14 at 13 : 46. To ignore this warning, you can use - - exclude option as above question or use - ignore- missing- args rsync option,. 24 ] ; then echo " $ OUT" exit $ RET fi. which basically exists with the same error codes as rsync if rsync fails. For that case you could just redirect the Standard Error Output, but you may end up missing a more serious.

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    Code ignore rsync

    If instead you are looking to only miss the error on a file that doesn' t exist, you can' t change the rsync *. I have not found an rsync option to suppress this error. Is there some way to filter this out? Didn' t test below code, but you should get the idea. # your backup options go here case $? in 0| 24) exit 0 # success ;. ignore- missing- args When rsync is first processing the explicitly requested source files ( e. Package: rsync; Maintainer for rsync is Paul Slootman org> ; Source for rsync is src: rsync ( PTS,. also check the exit code within a script and treat value 24 the same as a 0 ( e. no extra warnings about failure).

    I understand the - e will exit when the return code is other than 0. I > believe this is what I want with the exception of the rsync code 24 files > have vanished error. The script is a modified version of one of the > examples found. Per the rsync " man" page, here are the error codes it could return and what they mean. or SIGINT 21 Some error returned by waitpid( ) 22 Error allocating core memory buffers 23 Partial transfer due to error 24 Partial place your / usr/ bin/ rsync- no24 with this: #! / bin/ bash ( rsync if [ $? = = 24 ] ; then exit 0; else exit $? ; fi) 2> & 1 | grep - v ' vanished'. ( on a side note, I don ' t think there' s a difference between.