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I am trying to invoke a REST web service using HttpClient POST. I need to send a custom header " auth" for authentication. IllegalArgumentException: Invalid character found in the request target. The valid charact p. hr> < p> HTTP Error 400. The request has an invalid header name. The request has an invalid header. 400 Bad Request during POST:. Troubleshooting HTTP 400 Errors in IIS. Since we know the reason phrase and error are suggesting a header field length exceeding limits,. · Bad Request ( Invalid Header Name) problem using IIS 6.

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    Invalid error name

    Bad Request ( Invalid Header Name). This error implies that the request did not comply with HTTP RFC 2616. I' m getting; Bad Request - Invalid Header HTTP Error 400. Size of a request header field exceeds server. That should fix the error message “ 400 Bad Request. “ 400 Bad request Your browser sent an invalid request. How to fix HTTP 400 - Bad Request ( Invalid Hostname) Error? application by just typing the virtual directory name. should not be any value in host header. · Monitoring, Management & Location Tracking. Article History; Subscribe to RSS Feed;. Airwave HTTP Error 400 Host Header is invalid. · In this scenario, HTTP requests were being sent from a non- Windows machine and were being responded to with a “ Bad Request – Invalid Hostname” puedo enviar mails, no puedo realizar compras por internet, ni responder mensajes en alguna paginas y no se a que se puede deber este problema, el tema es que. This problem occurs because HTTP specifications state that HTTP requests that contain separator characters in the header are not valid.

    The HTTP specifications also. · Invalid header name error on IIS based REST service. Received a 400 Error, " Invalid Header", " The request has an invalid header name" from. List of HTTP status codes. invalid request message framing,. Client sent too large request or too long header line. 495 SSL Certificate Error. You are lacking the required blank line between the headers and the content. Also your content length is wrong. println( Cadenadatos. · The 400 Bad Request error means that the request you.

    Invalid URL HTTP Error 400 - Bad Request. The request hostname is invalid. And I get this error: Bad Request - Invalid Header. · Hey there, I am trying to access the speech output REST API, but it responds me with the vague response: HTTP Error 400. · First of all your header isn' t terminated ( a blank line terminates the header fields). Then the content of your header fields should be correct. · Service Client Receives " Bad Request ( Invalid Header Name) " Respon. NET Framework Forums on Bytes. application/ json" ) ; StringEntity input = new StringEntity( strContent) ; post. setEntity( input) ; HttpResponse response = client. execute( post) ;. Replace all \ n and \ r from your encrypted string which you passing to header as follow.

    You are surprisingly getting the error. Bad Request - Invalid Header HTTP Error 400. Because you use an invalid header name : ) You use. Content- Type : application/ json; charset= utf-. · 今天出现微信安卓突然进不了网站, 报 http 400 Bad Request - Invalid Header name错误 后面这个问题微信自处理了, 没有找到. ERROR 微信安卓报http 400 Bad. 今天出现微信安卓突然进不了网站, 报 http 400 Bad Request - Invalid Header name错误 后面这个问题. You have a strange \ n character inside of the base64 encoded basic Authorization header. I really don' t know how a Base64. encode64( ) can generate an LF character, you should investigate that. This breaks the HTTp query. I think you should use CURLOPT_ USERAGENT for User- Agent ( my recommended way) curl_ setopt( $ ch, CURLOPT_ USERAGENT, ' Mozilla/ 5. 4; Mobile; rv: 41. OR ( not played with it). But very strange, when I removed the header " application/ json" it worked.

    The syntax of the request entity is correct ( thus a 400 ( Bad Request) status code is inappropriate) but was unable to process the contained. The request hostname is invalid при. соединения с другой машины в локальной сети вижу ошибку 400. Ошибка 400 Bad Request встречается во всех браузерах. Size of a request header field exceeds server limit. public class testWS { public static void main( String args[ ] ) throws Exception{ HttpURLConnection conn = null; String operation = " validateGisAddress" ; String url = " ; SOAPConnectionFactory soapConnectionFactory. · Common REST API Error Codes. The specifed resource name contains invalid characters. ( 400) A required HTTP header was not specified. · Error code Description; badRequest: The API request is invalid or improperly formed. Consequently, the API server could not understand the request.